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Spectacular Lightning-2016 Summer

Deep night thunderstorm, Dallas area.

During  summer 2016, I savored a few lovely thunderstorms and captured truly spectacular lightning bolts in my heart, minds eye and on camera.

Every time I see lightning, the awe-struck, gleeful little child inside of me rejoices with great gusto.

All these were captured after the amazing July 4th and 5th captures listed in earlier lightning posts.

Enjoy 🙂

This spectacular lightning bolt, taken in the morning before work is one of my favorites of the year.

Same lightning show as prior photo, with plenty of lovely thunder and pounding rains to boot.

This bolt tore with spectacular finesse yet majesty through a thunderhead towering over our southern horizon.

Another one of my favorites, captured immediately after my work day ended. Tremendous claps of thunder replied.

Lightning ripples across our southeastern sky on this gentle warm evening.

This anvil to ground lightning beneath overshooting thunderhead top brought me great joy, even though the storm itself began dissipating as it reached our location.


Celebrating Utterly Magnificent Skies!

God’s celestial magnificence has been streaking, rolling and darting across our skies here in the Dallas area. My chases have usually ranged from front door to  back door and back – and when leaving the house, not more than a couple miles away.


I captured this amazing lightning bolt during a delicious thunderstorm this afternoon, May 25th.

Anvil Lightning-F1

This beautiful and graceful anvil lightning splayed across our southwestern sky on Saturday night. Wonderful moist sweetness and softness rode the wind upon my face.


Earlier that afternoon, a juicy tropical style thundershower rolled in from the southeast.


Clouds were so low, it seemed I could reach out and almost touch them as they raced in layers across the sky.

I’m feeling so blessed as I celebrate the magnificence of our untamed skies.