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Southern Oklahoma Storm Safari

A wall of rain and thunder rumbles serve as the opening curtain to my Safari success.
One of my peak moments as lightning strikes a sign across the highway from me!
Another peak storm safari reward. I drove a total of 270 miles and savored lots of epic moments. For the first time in my life, a clap of thunder actually shakes my car!

This beautiful shelf cloud dances before me as the storm continues to blossom. The southern end is rotating.

Beautiful storm and sun contrasts as the show begins west of Ardmore
Scud or funnel? A mad dash through lots of stop lights, speed limit 35 or less towns provides this as my view. By the time I arrive it washes out. However a magnificent lightning show awaits me.
By 9:20 pm I must begin the trek back to Dallas, with the next day being a work day. Yet even the south end of my storm brings me magnificence.