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Beholding Celestial Beauty, July and August ’16

These past two months have brought sacred moments of celestial beauty which I felt blessed to behold, mostly by phone in the field.

I give great thanks for the blessing of being alive and the opportunity to savor these moments…


New thunderstorm developing out ahead of an outflow boundary, looking southeast during mid-afternoon.


Towering cumulus rise heavenward at the tail end of dissipating thunderstorm, mid – afternoon. Cooling breezes rush in from the east where the rain shield still tumbles. Photo looking northeast.


I behold stunning celestial beauty as towering cumulus blossom in the eastern sky right outside my back door.


Distant tropical thunderstorm reflects in the water where I work at Richland College. Photo looking southeast.


A lone thunderhead blossoms, teases me, then breaks into a shower before dissipating at sunset. Photo looking northwest.


A magnificent celestial mountain of thunderhead blossoms to my north. Though it’s Texas, this scene reminds me of frequent skies I witnessed in southern Ohio decades ago.


Lovely rainbow and flock of Canadian Geese captured after work.


Rainbow appearing to tumble into the water fountain, captured after work.


Deepening evening casts beautiful shades to the southeastern sky.


This magnificent sunset captures my awe!


Curly cue thunderhead edge to right dances with ice halo or “sundog”. Photo looking southwest. Radar shows a significant lightning storm below the thunderhead.


Magnificent mountains of thunderhead beckon me to chase during my work day lunch break. Photo looking northeast.


Lunch break downburst in developing storm. Looking west.


I step out the back door as my lunch break commences, greeted by these magnificent thunderheads approaching my area from the south. What a delightful, unexpected and awe inspiring surprise! Occasional thunder deeply whispers below.


During a quick break during a work conference, I behold these beautiful thunderheads rising over downtown Dallas.


Thunderheads more than 150 miles over the horizon create these celestial angel wings to end the month of August.


Magnificent towering  cumulus cloud dancing in sky towards setting sun.


Beholding the beauty of towering cumulus during steamy tropical airmass, late August. Photo looking north.


At the time of this photo, these thunderheads were producing prolific lightning about 20 miles to my north, in Allen Texas. With it being a work day, chasing was out of the question. Still, from the distance, they presented me with a great example of celestial beauty.


Captured these beautiful thunderheads blossoming heaven ward across my southeast during an August lunch break. Beneath them, about 30 miles from my location, a prolific lightning show presented itself on radar. Unfortunately they were too far away to chase during my allotted one hour. At least one co-worker is now using these clouds as her computer screen wall paper courtesy of my sharing this celestial magnificence with our entire work team.


At the end of my August work conference in downtown Dallas, I was treated to this soul inspiring scene of new thunderheads blossoming upwards in advance of outflow from thunderstorm overhead. Heavy rain and occasional thunder peals echo across streets and buildings.


Beautiful Thunderheads, Magnificent Lightning, Wild Hail

March 23rd, 2016 – Dallas Area: Neighborhood Intercept. WOW!

Much to my joy, the dry line – originally progged to be much further east, hangs out considerably west of the DFW area until after my work day ends.

As a result, I am treated to breath taking thunderheads, a 1.5 hour magnificent lightning show, then a wild wind and hail storm sweeping through our neighborhood.

Following are photos and story:

Thunderstorms gather-b-inet-3-23-16

As setting sun descends into the horizon, a beautiful line of thunderheads gathers across our northwest sky, nearly taking my breath away with its splendor.

Thunderstorms gathering-c-3-23-16-inet

Here is a zoom into my sea of excitement and awe.


Here is one wonderful souvenir of the magnificent lightning show. Photo looking west; distant lights show part of Richardson Texas.



This breath taking outburst would definitely qualify as one of God’s most magnificent fireworks. Notice too the “stacked plates” appearance of the thunderhead on the left. This indicates rotation or mesocyclonic type construction.


This breath taking lightning bolt further reveals the supercell structure of its parent thunderstorm. In addition to the circular “stacked plates” appearance, the cloud bank below may well be an inflow band or “beavers tail”.

Hailstorm Wild-3-23-16-inet

This is a video grab of the wind whipped hailstorm at its climax, showing leaves flying everywhere. The scene, illuminated by a distant lightning flash looks very much like being in the midst of a tornado.

Half Dollar Hail3-23-16-inet

The hail attained half dollar size in my neighborhood. It’s the biggest I’ve personally seen in any yard I’ve ever lived (though saw much bigger stones in Oklahoma during my storm chase tours)

(C) Stephen Eric Levine, 2016.

One of My Very Favorite Thunderhead Photos

Thunderhead Sea2-inet

This magnificent thunderhead bank dances east of Central America, October 2013. We are flying at 37,000 feet and the towering top on the left reaches about 46, 000 feet, overshooting the anvil; indicating a potent thunderstorm.

Vast, mystical, and inviting my spirit to come and play among them…