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Celebrating Celestial Beauty

Between late April and July 2017, many amazing celestial events inspired a deep celebration of awe and wonder of boundless beauty. This included long distance intercepts and neighborhood chases between my front and back door.  Following are some snaps from my celestial celebrations:

Last Saturday I drove 15 miles and intercepted a juicy, wild show. After it faded there, I followed it to Sunnyvale, located southeast  of Dallas and enjoyed three hours of action
Allen, Texas: Whiteout rain and winds to 50 mph. Photo taken with windshield wipers running full blast while parked.
Dramatic clouds hung low as Allen storm rolled in.

Driving up 75/Central Expressway Plano, and hot on the trail,  my adrenaline surges as I head for the prize.
Once in Allen and comfortably parked, awe fills my heart as intense clouds approach from the north
After savoring nearly an hour of elemental wildness in Allen, I drive south, continuing my dance with celestial beauty and follow the show through Garland, Mesquite on onto Sunnyvale.
New thunderheads blossom up ahead of the outflow boundary while storm heart carries forth on the left. Mesquite, Tex
Beautiful distant thunder clouds play with sun as my chase has ended and I ready to return home.
After work one early May evening, this amazing cloud formation triggered adrenaline and passionate desire to go get ’em. Near Sulphur Springs, 50 miles away, success was had
This is my best Sulphur Springs capture as this celestial man breathes lightning. Who does he resemble?
Another Sulphur Springs capture, looking southeast
A groggy but awe inspiring time was had as I savored a 6:30 am lightning show in my neighborhood, late May
New cumulus towers build into departing storm which passed just south of our neighborhood Memorial Day weekend. I charged south to intercept the developing line. Before all was said and done, it was a 250 mile round trip.
Chasing south I met my objective intercepting pulsing lilac lightning, winds and rain blowing sideways, and near zero visibility.  This photo is taken with windshield wipers running full blast. My objective was to punch through to the other side and watch it come through from the beginning. What an amazing intercept!
Finally in Madisonville, Texas I reach the other side, where winds shift from northeast to south, and buoyant warm humid air flows upon me. Pulsing lightning and this seething dramatic sky approaches
After savoring wild rain, wind and lightning in Madisonville, I begin my trek back north to Dallas. An unexpected happy surprise greets me south of Corsicana. A thunderstorm blossoms north of the front just in time for another intercept!

Another east Texas chase brought me this wonderful take home prize. An after- work chase to Canton, Texas; 125 miles trip total.
I am so deeply grateful this show waited till my work shift ended at 7:30 pm. From my work parking lot, I rejoiced to five thunderstorms surrounding me in all directions

Lightning Celebration -Wow!

Captured during storm intercept, McKinney Texas
I celebrate a neighborhod lightning show mid week, thanks to a miraculously broken atmospheric cap.
Lightning leads the way to my McKinney storm intercept last Friday.
Another awesome lightning capture from this week’s early morning light show in my neighborhood
Lightning ripples beautifully along the outer edges of thunderhead
This magnificent lightning bolt was such a pure glee both to witness and capture during my Plano Texas intercept last Friday night
With joy I celebrate God’s magnificent fireworks!
Celebrating God’s passionate creation as lightning explodes across sky during my McKinney intercept.


Rotating Sky, Magnificent Lightning-June 4, 2015

On this day, I witness awesome skies and one of the top five most breath taking lightning  displays I’ve seen in my entire life.

In addition, we stay with the storm from interception around 6:30 till near midnight.  The magnificent lightning lasts throughout.

Stephen and Wall Cloud-inet

Yours truly, under a rotating wall cloud.

Exploding Supercell1-inet

Exploding Supercell thunderhead, us in hot pursuit; KS 283 south of WaKeeney.  Potent thrill, intense focus, unabashed joy and a prayerful heart fill my being.


The highway is a perfect gateway to my goal of keeping us at the very rear of the storm, behind the precipitation shield and under/near the still-building vector.  This is where any potential wall cloud may form.  Ness County, KS.

Magnificent Thunderhead-a-inet

I gaze in awe at the mushrooming towers blossoming before us.


A dramatic wall cloud hangs right over my head. The distant protruding section rotates with hope, extends an occasional tiny funnel, but produces no significant lowering. Still it’s quite exciting to behold. Note the vague rainbow in the northeast distance.

Lightning and Wall-inet

Spectacular lightning bolts dance around the flying saucer cloud. Photo looking east-northeast.

Lightning and Wall1-inet

Very slowly, our supercell pushes off to the north and east as new parcels blossom upwards behind, and we follow this magnificent system up the road.

Like a gleeful child, I delight to a frenetic lightning show, dancing with  beauty and grace beyond all words.  Sometimes up to four bolts per second coil and twist between heaven and earth.

Magnificent LTNG1-inet

Magnificent LTNG2-inet

Awe-inspiring celestial fire bridges evening into dusk, and dusk into night.  I feel my entire being swell with peace, joy, awe and wonder at God’s magnificence dancing through these compelling artistic displays.

What joy it is to meditatively watch, my hand on camera shutter release cable, and take in the vast energy.

Amazing Ltng1-inet

This looks like and electric person stalking the countryside.

Ltng-Several per second-inet

Four bolts land within two seconds in this photo.

Spiral Ltng1-crop

A nice cork screw bolt!

Ltng fork1-inet

Then at night, some of the most spectacular lightning displays I’ve ever captured grace my camera lens, and my memory to forever savor:

Award Ltng2-inet

Awesome Ltng5-inet

Awesome Ltng7-inet

Awesome ltng11-inet

All in one flash…

Awesome Ltng12-net

Prize Lightning2-inet

I am so grateful and blessed to have had this opportunity to witness such magnificent grandeur!

Photos and article Copyright 2015, Stephen Levine