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My Seven Hour Lightning Orgy- Vernon Texas

Rain rattles against my motel window while a huge lightning bolt delights me outside. – Vernon, TX; May 2018

Hungry to see some good lightning after such  a dry spring, I target the Vernon Texas area for a one day storm chase vacation. After a 4.5 hour drive from Dallas, I check into my reserved motel and feel ready to savor whatever nature brings me. It feels so peaceful and warm inside to have chosen a chase target early in the morning and now as weather develops to the west, I’m  free to dance with God’s elements.

Once checked in at my motel, I joyfully set out to intercept my first storm. This is located out towards Childress. Distant lightning and swirling clouds beckon me onward in the photo above. 

Little did I know this would begin a seven hour orgy of God’s electric glory.

I sit with excitement on SR 281, waiting for my storm to come to me!

A wild wind, rain and small hail storm is now just a motion away. Occasional lightning flickers among the clouds.

At dusk, in between storms, cloud to cloud lightning graces the sky. Captured outside my motel window.

As dusk deepens, more magnificent anvil lightning dances across clouds above. Looking southeast.

After dark, winds kick up in fitful gusts and a new lightning show approaches my location. Both exciting and eerie as rolls of squall cloud illuminate themselves via sheet lightning. Thrill  and awe fill my heart.

This new storm drops an orgy of exquisite cloud to ground bolts dancing right before me. I love the mystical atmosphere and electric excitement!

Orgasmic lightning dances with dramatic wind shattered  storm clouds as the show approaches my location. I love the glow of lightning upon rain wet pavement.

Brilliant lightning bolt reflects itself off the pavement and casts all in its subtle glow. Looking west..

As the light and sound show press overhead and off into the east, individual bolts salute me with  lovely patterns right outside my motel window!

Rain pounding on the window distorts this bolt into jagged edges. However I still enjoy posting this because it still  captures the amazing energy inherent in the lightning.

My first intercept adventure began around 6pm. The lighting continues unabated, even after my body needs me to go to sleep around 1am. My soul is nourished and I give great thanks.



Magnificent Skies-First Quarter 2017

Captured this magnificent lightning bolt on March 27th before dawn. It danced at the tail end of a potent derecho squall line which blasted through our neighborhood.

Same lightning show as above, March 27th.

Eerie and beautiful sheet lightning graced the sky as well in this display of celestial Magnificence on the 27th.

The evening of March 26th brought me on a storm chase to McKinney, TX and a lovely display of lightning jumping off very intense storm clusters. The highlight of this evening was outrunning a tornado warned storm and large funnel cloud rushing towards me from the west as I raced southward.  What a mystical yet eerie feeling it was to behold the funnel hanging so low above the earth it was lit by city lights.

Magnificent contrasts of sun and storm sky played before me during a quick break on this work day, March 24th. My soul was nourished to witness clips of a thunderstorm containing some heavy rain, vivid flickers, a couple lovely bolts and loud roars.  What a joyful greeting for me after my return from the 11 night cruise. This also served to break a drought, both for me regarding lightning as well as the earth regarding rain.

During the early evening, God did some awesome hand writing across our western sky on March 24th.

From March 8th through March 20th my wife and I savored a cruise across the southern Caribbean. This cruise brought magnificent skies to us, and included a powerful ocean storm on my birthday, March 17th. Photos from the ocean storm will be added in a separate post.  In this photo, full moon rises on balmy humid night over the ocean, casting mystical moods. Shot from our patio view.

Another majestic moon-cloud pattern off our patio.

Moon now higher presents Jupiter, the bright dot below, following suit.

Thunderheads and palm trees, shot in Cartegena, Columbia. What a joy it was to set foot on another continent, South America!

The thunderhead danced and curled majestically overhead.  I heard no thunder, but did enjoy a lovely view. Cartegena, Columbia.

This lightning discharge was captured in Richardson, TX looking north towards Plano on 2/26/17. It’s a single flash, captured with my cell phone.

Another capture of mystical lightning from February 26th.

On February 9th, I had fun with the full moon rising over my head. Me and Moon selfie 🙂

Here moon ascends over the planet of my head…

Celebrated this magnificent sunset in my neighborhood on February 5th.

Savored my first thunderstorm of the year in the predawn hours on January 15th.

Savored my first cloud to ground lightning in a brief but beautiful thunderstorm on January 25th.

Storm Chase to Breath Taking Lightning

Lucky Strikes-inet

Capturing two out of three multiple strikes on one amazing lightning discharge, near Terrell, TX; April 29, 2016.

Around 8 pm, I set off on a wild chase towards my southeast. The sun has just set and I’m aiming to intercept a vivid radar screen image currently rolling from southwest of Dallas towards the northeast.

As I reach I-30 from the north, my target reveals itself in breath taking bolts spasmodically linking earth and sky in the distance across my southern and into the southeastern sky.

My adrenaline rises and spirit quickens as I reach Rockwall and take the country road towards Terrell.

Closer and closer I come, with breath taking bolts now landing magnificently in front of me, some evaporating into beads before vanishing from sight. Wow! What magnificence!

Sometimes their dazzling images linger in my eyes, and thunder shakes the car roof.

Finally, about 5 miles from Terrell, I find a nice open spot to pull over and savor the show…

LTNG and Arm-inet

In this photo, the windshield wiper frozen in motion makes for an artistic touch to this lightning capture.

MIddle of ltng

Here I’m virtually surrounded by lightning!

What joy this intercept brings to my heart and soul, and stresses from life circumstances around me dissipate, like thunder rumbling off into the distance.

(C) Stephen Levine, 2016


My Very Best Lightning Photo


This amazing discharge took place during a predawn storm on Christmas Day, 2012.

This is not a time lapse photo; these bolts all occurred within one single flash!

There were several magnificent bolts during this storm; each bringing gasps of awe and glee to my spirit, and deep peace to my soul.

This photo looks south; near Murphy Texas. Warm, humid air was overrunning arctic air in place at the surface, ahead of a stationary warm front to our south.

Just 12 hours later, we enjoyed 3/4″ of snow.  Lightning and snow in the same day – my favorite winter two step.

Best Storm Chase Photos -2014

Dear Friends,

Following is a compilation of my very best photos from my storm intercepts this year.

I would love to hear from you as to what you think. There is a comment section at the end of this long post.

Also, if you wish to purchase any photograph, please let me know. Email me at delightfulight@gmail.com



This is one of my two very best, most dramatic lightning shots of the year and perhaps my top. Captured on 8/17 before dawn; this show was well worth the lost sleep before another work day. Photo taken Garland, TX.

Web-ltng-a 8-17-14-inet

This is my second top lightning photo of the year, shot in the same thunderstorm as the photo above. I love how it looks like an electrical jellyfish.


Lightning bolt captured during an awe dropping show; the grand finale of an April 3rd intercept between Rockwall and Terrell, TX.


Zig Zagging bolt captured during the April 3rd intercept.


The entire sky flashes with nonstop strobe lightning  as heart of the April 3rd storm begins pressing onward.. (two second exposure)

Thunderhead Sunset1

Magnificent bank of thunderheads, captured at sunset in September. Photo taken in Garland, TX


Magnificent thunderhead intercepted during a storm chase between Farmersville and Blue Ridge, TX on March 27.


Magnificent lightning bolt captured by video after arriving back home on April 3rd. Camera looking southeast into a dramatic storm over the horizon.


Amazing thunderhead bank, captured during sunset on March 27th, between Farmersville and Blue Ridge, TX.


Wall Cloud, March 27th; near Blue Ridge, TX


Potent storm approaches Highway 75, north of McKinney, Texas during April 3rd intercept. Hail to golf ball size tumbles north of this shelf cloud.  This storm has a tornado warning on it at this time.


Wall Cloud- Tornado Warned storm; between Mckinney and Denton, TX; April 3rd.


New Storm Approaching from the Denton area; April 3rd. Occasional lightning leaps between earth and sky to the northwest across the precipitation shield.


In hot pursuit; I feel thrill, adrenaline and excitement rushing through me. Still developing supercell thunderstorm off to my north, with my wife and I heading precisely that way.  April 3rd; near Allen, TX


Green of heavy rain and hail approaches our vehicle; between McKinney and Denton; April 3rd


Enveloped in green light,  and bathed in rain mixed with hail up to nickel sized; driving west; April 3rd between McKinney and Denton Texas.

Storm Silhouette

This lone tree stands before intensifying rain, wind and lightning flashes, Richardson TX; May 12th


This magnificent delight surprises me with a grand appearance on a very hot August day, as soon as I get off work. Photo taken 8/8, Dallas, Texas.


About to intercept a magnificent rain, wind and lightning show; August 10, near Waxahachie, TX.


Magnificent Rainbow, lasting a full hour; Waxahachie, TX, August 10

Ascending Cloud1-inet

Cumulus aspiring and later succeeding in building into massive thunderheads. This photo shows it awakening. August 29; Richardson, TX


Supercell Thunderhead, April 3rd; looking east towards McKinney

Hail in Hand

Morning Hail with heavy rain, lightning and magnificent clouds- April 24th


Tremendous outflow winds rush ahead of impending storm, near Farmersville, TX. Photo taken July 23rd.

thunder5Mystical shot of moon, towering cumulus backbuilding behind a thunderstorm and tumbling raindrops. Looking south, Garland TX; taken June 8th.


This awesome lightning photograph represents one single discharge; four separate bolts. Garland, TX; August 17th before dawn.


Magnificent lightning bolt, August 17th; Garland TX


Rain curtain illuminated pink in sunset; occasional lightning bolts and booming thunder in  the storm. Looking south; Garland TX.


On the chase; Developing thunderstorm to my west with wonderful supercell off to the north that’s still blossoming.  This particular storm we’re chasing produces the earlier posted wall cloud after we get under it.  As we approach, occasional lightning plays through the clouds. North of  TX 380, and Farmersville; March 27.


Towers blossoming upwards into thunderstorm as a mature thunderstorm envelops us from the west. Magnificent Beauty!  Between Farmersville and Blue Ridge, TX; March 27.


One of my very best intercloud lightning photos. Captured on March 27, this is the storm which some 40 or more miles to the south in the Dallas area, people were in awe to the distant light show and many videos/photos were made. Here we are right up under the action and it’s breath taking.

Hot on Trail

About to reach our goal! Durant, OK; August 30.

Rainbow Storm Heart

This is one of my utterly favorite rainbow photos. It’s so mystical! Filmed right in the middle of a drenching thunderstorm intercept, Durant, OK; August 30.

Winds and rain blasting on car and through trees; sun peaks through and reveals this deep rainbow in the heart of it all.