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God’s Jaw Dropping Fireworks-July 4th 2013

Top LTNG-1-inet

God put on quite a show in advance of our man-made fireworks between 5 and 7 a.m. in our neighborhood, July 4th.

Time and time again, my jaw dropped as I exclaimed things like “Wow!”, “Thank you God!”, “Awesome”, and so forth.

This storm yielded some of my very best lightning captures to date.

This first shot reminds me of a backbone with ribs.

Now, here are samples to share with you:

Top LTNG-2-inet

I love how the lightning loop-de-loops. This is all one strike.

Top LTNG-3-inet

All one discharge, no photo stacking here…

Top LTNG-4-inet

A two for one special, again all in one flash…

Top LTNG-5-inet

I love the way the dancing lightning highlighted rolling clouds.


This eerie shot highlights cloud silhouetting against celestial fire.


A little rain won’t snuff out God’s fireworks or dampen the show.

Photos and story copyright 2016, Stephen Eric Levine

Jaw Dropping Lightning Captures-March 2016

Before our potent wind and hail storm moved in on the 23rd, I savored 1.5 hours of a most amazing lightning show, capturing some of my most awesome, jaw dropping lightning beauty yet:

IAmazing LTNG-A 3-23-inet

In this photo, you can see the circular mesocyclonic shape of the parent thunderstorm, and an apparent “beavers tail” arcing into it from the north and east.

Amazing LTNG-B-inet

This is captured as the storm draws closer…

Awesome LTNG-D-3-23-16-inetJPG

All photos captured in Dallas, Texas area.