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My Seven Hour Lightning Orgy- Vernon Texas

Rain rattles against my motel window while a huge lightning bolt delights me outside. – Vernon, TX; May 2018

Hungry to see some good lightning after such  a dry spring, I target the Vernon Texas area for a one day storm chase vacation. After a 4.5 hour drive from Dallas, I check into my reserved motel and feel ready to savor whatever nature brings me. It feels so peaceful and warm inside to have chosen a chase target early in the morning and now as weather develops to the west, I’m  free to dance with God’s elements.

Once checked in at my motel, I joyfully set out to intercept my first storm. This is located out towards Childress. Distant lightning and swirling clouds beckon me onward in the photo above. 

Little did I know this would begin a seven hour orgy of God’s electric glory.

I sit with excitement on SR 281, waiting for my storm to come to me!

A wild wind, rain and small hail storm is now just a motion away. Occasional lightning flickers among the clouds.

At dusk, in between storms, cloud to cloud lightning graces the sky. Captured outside my motel window.

As dusk deepens, more magnificent anvil lightning dances across clouds above. Looking southeast.

After dark, winds kick up in fitful gusts and a new lightning show approaches my location. Both exciting and eerie as rolls of squall cloud illuminate themselves via sheet lightning. Thrill  and awe fill my heart.

This new storm drops an orgy of exquisite cloud to ground bolts dancing right before me. I love the mystical atmosphere and electric excitement!

Orgasmic lightning dances with dramatic wind shattered  storm clouds as the show approaches my location. I love the glow of lightning upon rain wet pavement.

Brilliant lightning bolt reflects itself off the pavement and casts all in its subtle glow. Looking west..

As the light and sound show press overhead and off into the east, individual bolts salute me with  lovely patterns right outside my motel window!

Rain pounding on the window distorts this bolt into jagged edges. However I still enjoy posting this because it still  captures the amazing energy inherent in the lightning.

My first intercept adventure began around 6pm. The lighting continues unabated, even after my body needs me to go to sleep around 1am. My soul is nourished and I give great thanks.