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Celebrating Utterly Magnificent Skies!

God’s celestial magnificence has been streaking, rolling and darting across our skies here in the Dallas area. My chases have usually ranged from front door to¬† back door and back – and when leaving the house, not more than a couple miles away.


I captured this amazing lightning bolt during a delicious thunderstorm this afternoon, May 25th.

Anvil Lightning-F1

This beautiful and graceful anvil lightning splayed across our southwestern sky on Saturday night. Wonderful moist sweetness and softness rode the wind upon my face.


Earlier that afternoon, a juicy tropical style thundershower rolled in from the southeast.


Clouds were so low, it seemed I could reach out and almost touch them as they raced in layers across the sky.

I’m feeling so blessed as I celebrate the magnificence of our untamed skies.