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Beautiful Thunderheads, Magnificent Lightning, Wild Hail

March 23rd, 2016 – Dallas Area: Neighborhood Intercept. WOW!

Much to my joy, the dry line – originally progged to be much further east, hangs out considerably west of the DFW area until after my work day ends.

As a result, I am treated to breath taking thunderheads, a 1.5 hour magnificent lightning show, then a wild wind and hail storm sweeping through our neighborhood.

Following are photos and story:

Thunderstorms gather-b-inet-3-23-16

As setting sun descends into the horizon, a beautiful line of thunderheads gathers across our northwest sky, nearly taking my breath away with its splendor.

Thunderstorms gathering-c-3-23-16-inet

Here is a zoom into my sea of excitement and awe.


Here is one wonderful souvenir of the magnificent lightning show. Photo looking west; distant lights show part of Richardson Texas.



This breath taking outburst would definitely qualify as one of God’s most magnificent fireworks. Notice too the “stacked plates” appearance of the thunderhead on the left. This indicates rotation or mesocyclonic type construction.


This breath taking lightning bolt further reveals the supercell structure of its parent thunderstorm. In addition to the circular “stacked plates” appearance, the cloud bank below may well be an inflow band or “beavers tail”.

Hailstorm Wild-3-23-16-inet

This is a video grab of the wind whipped hailstorm at its climax, showing leaves flying everywhere. The scene, illuminated by a distant lightning flash looks very much like being in the midst of a tornado.

Half Dollar Hail3-23-16-inet

The hail attained half dollar size in my neighborhood. It’s the biggest I’ve personally seen in any yard I’ve ever lived (though saw much bigger stones in Oklahoma during my storm chase tours)

(C) Stephen Eric Levine, 2016.

Poetic Recount of Night Time Wildness

October 11, 2014 – Wild Thunder Squall Before Dawn:

Tapping on my bedroom window awakens me from slumber. This is what I’ve been waiting for!!

Raindrops and wind call me to get up and take a look!

Out the front door and onto patio I dash.

Trees bow widely before mighty blasts of wind. Raindrops lightly wet the air, as great whooshing sound fills my neighborhood. “FHHH”  sound rises to crescendos with each long gust; dark tree silhouettes bend eerily in ambient light.

Brilliant flashes and pulses of light seize the sky; white, electric blue and once even pink circles. Power flashes. Reminds me of Hurricane Rita’s arrival in Houston.

Huge raindrops suddenly swirl thickly across the world; fuzzing out street lights. Delicious scents of rain- wet earth arise, and I deeply inhale their sweetness into my lungs. More power flashes dance across my southern sky.

Flashes begin echoing in the north sky, and soon above me as lightning makes an appearance.

It looks no different than the power flashes as it flickers in clouds. But now,  thunder responds.

What a wild night in Dallas Texas!