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Awesome Lightning Show, May 26,2016


This awe-inspiring unleashing takes place in one discharge, and the photo captures only a fraction of what exploded across the sky those few seconds.

It was worth the wait, and fortunately Friday was a vacation day for me, as a decaying yet potent thunderstorm cell slowly approached the Dallas Metro area late Thursday evening.

Right around my normalĀ  bedtime, vibrant ripples of light began pulsing across the southwestern and western horizons, slowly leaping closer.

The pure adrenaline of joy and eager anticipation fills my heart and keeps me awake long after normal fatigue would set in.

Sure enough, beginning around 11:15, my show arrives and I’m quite pleased.


Another massive full sky dance of electric fire…

By the time the thunderstorm cell has reached my neighborhood, only drizzle rides the gusty wind. This makes for great ease in capturing the awe-inspiring, magnificent outbursts.



A beautiful side winding river of light crosses the heavens


Awesome jelly fish-like discharge loops around itself as I delight in the magnificence of God’s fireworks.


I love all the little branchlets accompanying this vivid bolt.


Sheet lightning dances across sky, illuminating low clouds from above, while city lights cast glow below.

Thank you God for the gift of life and the opportunities I have to celebrate your awesome majesty as it shows itself through dancing lightning and roaring thunder!

(C) Stephen Levine, 2016

More Awe-Inspiring Lightning!

I continue to savor an awesome orgy of light and sound. My soul feels deeply nourished and my spirit profoundly inspired.

During the past three days, more magnificent lightning and thunder displays have graced the sky, and I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to watch and capture some of God’s most amazing artwork.


On the evening of May 28th, a line of thunderstorms slowly approach my town, bringing magnificent light and shadow contrasts of anvil lightning and cloud banks.

Mystical Ltng-inet

Deep night mystical sky, as squall clouds rush overhead and sheet lightning pulses behind. Swirling winds and rains swiftly follow.

Ltng Closest-F

This powerful lightning bolt visits my neighborhood , inspiring awe and child-like glee within me. It’s so brilliant, it nearly blanks out my normally tolerant lightning setting on my Canon Rebel camera. Landed within a couple blocks of my patio. May 29th.


More AWE, DELIGHT and GLEE!! This bolt so hot that you can see the ionized air surrounding it!


Even before the current thunderstorm has completely moved on, a brand new one arises with crystal fire lightning and thunder cannonades in the southwest distance. Though it’s deep night and I’ve only had a couple hours of sleep, my spirit reawakens with eager anticipation, glee, delight and awe as it swiftly rolls closer from the southwest.


Celestial fire dances in between the clouds with amazing artistic magnificence, as new thunderstorm draws ever closer!

Copyright 2015, Stephen Eric Levine

Magnificent Lightning Captures 10-6-14

In addition to the awesome video from last post, I bagged some truly wonderful lightning souvenirs before dawn!


With rain getting on the camera lens, the photo looks a tad blurry. However the effect of multi-cloud layers illuminated from behind by brilliant lightning stands out just the same. Photo looking south.


This mystical shot includes raindrops illuminated by the camera’s flash.



In this photo, lightning blossoms behind thick rain curtain.


Dark clouds rolling in add nice contrast to the frequent flashes.


Sheet lightning frames trees and houses eerily.


Mystical flashes above circular cloudscapes…


This is taken with my cell phone. Though it’s a bit blurry, it still presents a mysterious mood..


This is a still capture from my lightning video. Magnificent!

(C) Stephen Eric Levine.