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Soul Nourishing Storm Chase-April 4th, 2017

This is what I went after, a magnificent supercell thunderhead blossoming visibly before me, with me in hot pursuit.  Just getting out and chasing was soul nourishing, but I was committed to going all the way.

Here I am coming closer, marveling at the amazing  contrasts and forms of the thunderheads before me. Captured in McKinney Texas.

Stopped at a light, but getting closer.

Almost there! An occasional vivid bolt leaps between earth and sky off to my northeast (left corner). My goal is to get on the eastern side of the building line straight ahead.  Rain and small hail mix together, slapping my windshield.

Not the best quality, but wanting to post just to show the potent energy of this discharge right overhead. Moved camera just as it leaped.

I’m so happy to have arrived to my goal! Now the supremely soul nourishing time has come for me to simply watch and savor. Looking east.