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My heart sings with child-like glee when I watch a storm. It’s been this way since my early childhood.

One of my most profound gateways into oneness with God is through experiencing the creative forces of nature; especially through thunderheads and their children, including the electromagnetic forces of lightning. These forces gives us a glimpse of Universal Creativity at play.

Various aspects of myself come together when intercepting a storm. These include my focused hunter, intrigued scientist, inner artist, and spiritual romantic.

Witnessing lightning bolts inspires celebration and delight throughout the deepest parts of myself. Beholding a tornado safely inspires wordless awe.

Each lightning bolt or tornado captured by camera is a celebration magnified several times. 

Every wild sky scene photographed brings me a rush of quiet joy.

For me, storm chasing is a romantic affair with the sky, deep passion, and direct gateway to the majesty of Creator.

Contact Info:  Stephen Levine, Author, Photographer and Storm Hunter;   214-662-0197

Please email me if you would like to purchase a photo. To purchase a book, click on the link “Purchase Table Top Book“.

Affirming great abundance and joy in your life!

My Story:

As long as I remember, my spirit resided in the celestial realms of towering clouds and their weather.

When I was two, I lay on my back and gazed deep into multi layers of clouds floating across the sky, and absolutely reveled in the thunderheads.

During my teens, one of my Grandmothers told me as a two year old, I talked a lot about the “funderclouds”.

My first conscious peak experience of beauty occurred when I was six. It was bed time, and a magnificent thunderhead filled the southern sky, tinged pink and violet with sunset. Rivulets of lightning played within it, and the entire sea broke into clear blueness overhead. It was so beautiful that it almost hurt, and I yearned to merge with it.

Also during my 6th year, my first conscious awareness of God occurred as I gazed out the back door into dark swirly storm clouds rolling in. “So this is God”, I thought to myself.

When I was seven, my parents bought me my first weather book. This allowed me to develop a scientific understanding of the art and beauty I was celebrating.

By age nine, I was my own scientist, filled with curiosity and about 30 years ahead of the time when Environmental Education was introduced into public schools.

Among other things, I kept my own weather records, using the formal N.W.S. code, and kept a journal detailing unusual weather events or storms.

I endured several years of isolation and ridicule regarding my love of nature, and weather in particular, during my elementary and middle school days. However I never let this deter me one bit from continuing to embrace my love of the sky.

In college, I earned an ‘A’ in the University Meteorology class, and was in charge of the city’s weather station for two years. I also instructed geography classes regarding the instruments, and demonstrated for them how the instruments work.

My storm chasing began quite spontaneously. It was July 1977, and I was living in the Midwest at the time. That month, we fell into a pattern where cold fronts would come through my neighborhood; bring towering clouds and a few sprinkles, then about 30 miles down the road thunderheads would explode.

After the third time this happened, I said to myself “if it doesn’t come to me, then I’ll go after it!”

Grabbing a jacket and my camera, I took off after the clouds.  My reward:  torrential rain, powerful lightning and thunder, and winds which shook the car. The rain shield turned red as it moved on. From this day on, I was hooked.

In 1982, for my Masters Degree thesis, I created a new system of therapy which combines psychology and meteorology, called Psy-meteorology.

This system demonstrates how our inner cycles behave in similar ways to cycles found in weather, and by utilizing a mix of guided imagery, art and weather science, we may create a Life Weather Profile, detailing our inner highs, lows and fronts and their related life options. This assists us in making empowering life choices through choosing our preferred inner weather and its related option.

In 1994 I began chasing tornado producing mega-storms of the Prairies and in early 1996, I created a storm chase tour company, Tornado Alley Safari Tours.

Within a short time, my tour gained international publicity through printed and broadcast media, including CBS News, NBC News, Japan Radio, the London U.K. Tribune, TV’s Hardcopy show and National Geographic TV.

After 10 years, I retired as tour director and returned to storm chasing by myself, with friends and once engaged, my soon to be wife.

For our honeymoon, we embarked on a romantic five day storm chase vacation.

I have also learned to recognize all the beauty we see in nature also resides within ourselves.

Nowadays, I offer speaking presentations, and have been featured as guest speaker on storm chasing and weather safety for such organizations as the Dallas County Red Cross Chapter, Monolithic Dome Company’s 10th Annual Conference, Rotary Clubs here in the Dallas Metro area, churches, and artist clubs.

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