April Wildness

Our storm season has finally begun in earnest this April and has treated me to hours of savoring celestial wildness! The above photo is captured about 10 miles north of Farmersville, TX during a storm intercept after work on April 13th.

This hail was collected in my neighborhood after another lucky Friday storm, April 6th, 2018. Some stones attained 1.25 inches diameter.

Wild boiling thunderheads greet me on April 13 as my work day unfolds. “I must go as soon as possible and intercept this!” I say to myself. The sheer power and wildness of this scene causes my heart to race with the anticipation of the chase. It takes me 1.5 hours to attain my goal and intercept the outer boundary of a hailstorm, 10 to 15 miles north of Farmersville, TX.

These seething, boiling clouds move in various directions, silhouetted against a hailstorm. It’s my first capture north of Farmersville on April 13th.

This photo reveals a partially rain/hail wrapped funnel cloud in Murphy, TX; about five miles from my location. There’s even an inflow tail at its upper right. Captured near my neighborhood after a  frantic “rush hour” chase from work on April 6th. This particular storm moved from the northwest to southeast, a somewhat unusual direction for our area.

The funnel above occurred ahead of the cold front on April 6th. This photo shows low clouds rushing southward just behind the cold front as it pushes through after the first storm, bringing a dramatic temperature drop. Behind these clouds to the right side of this photo is a gathering thunderstorm for a lovely second encounter with Celestial Wildness. This is the storm which produced the large hail posted earlier.

This is the scene which greets me after work on Friday April 6th, looking north. Despite its distance from my location, I could still hear thunder from deep within.  My focus becomes getting through the evening traffic as  quick as possible, and determining the best route to reach it.  The funnel cloud posted above is one of my first rewards from the chase.

On April 13th, after chasing from Dallas to Farmersville, TX, my spirit rejoices as a band of thunderstorms develop immediately along a cold front literally just west of our neighborhood. This photo looks southeast.  My entire evening, from chase and deliverance to neighborhood fireworks feels like a mini storm chase vacation. The freedom and unfettered joy of dancing with celestial wildness fills my heart and spirit.

This is my parting shot before returning home on April 13th. Gazing east, I give a verbal prayer of thanks to God for moving through and dancing within this sheer magnificence, and my opportunity to savor and dance with God.