Awesome Lightning Show, May 26,2016


This awe-inspiring unleashing takes place in one discharge, and the photo captures only a fraction of what exploded across the sky those few seconds.

It was worth the wait, and fortunately Friday was a vacation day for me, as a decaying yet potent thunderstorm cell slowly approached the Dallas Metro area late Thursday evening.

Right around my normalĀ  bedtime, vibrant ripples of light began pulsing across the southwestern and western horizons, slowly leaping closer.

The pure adrenaline of joy and eager anticipation fills my heart and keeps me awake long after normal fatigue would set in.

Sure enough, beginning around 11:15, my show arrives and I’m quite pleased.


Another massive full sky dance of electric fire…

By the time the thunderstorm cell has reached my neighborhood, only drizzle rides the gusty wind. This makes for great ease in capturing the awe-inspiring, magnificent outbursts.



A beautiful side winding river of light crosses the heavens


Awesome jelly fish-like discharge loops around itself as I delight in the magnificence of God’s fireworks.


I love all the little branchlets accompanying this vivid bolt.


Sheet lightning dances across sky, illuminating low clouds from above, while city lights cast glow below.

Thank you God for the gift of life and the opportunities I have to celebrate your awesome majesty as it shows itself through dancing lightning and roaring thunder!

(C) Stephen Levine, 2016

Front Door Storm Chase-May 12, 2016

LTNG 5-12-16-B-inet

This magnificent discharge leaps across sky as storm approaches our neighborhood.

As much as I love chasing storms, enjoying the freedom of vast skies and aiming towards, ultimately intercepting my intended sweet immersion, I also love jumping between front and back doors at home, intercepting weather coming to join me.

This night is just such a night, as dramatic bolts and frequent flashes dance across sky and loud rolls echo forth, while raindrops pummel our earth, watering and nourishing our greening trees and plants.

LTNG 5-12-16-A-inet

This magnificent bolt dazzles my eyes and brings great joy to my heart.

(C) Stephen Levine, 2016

Storm Chase to Breath Taking Lightning

Lucky Strikes-inet

Capturing two out of three multiple strikes on one amazing lightning discharge, near Terrell, TX; April 29, 2016.

Around 8 pm, I set off on a wild chase towards my southeast. The sun has just set and I’m aiming to intercept a vivid radar screen image currently rolling from southwest of Dallas towards the northeast.

As I reach I-30 from the north, my target reveals itself in breath taking bolts spasmodically linking earth and sky in the distance across my southern and into the southeastern sky.

My adrenaline rises and spirit quickens as I reach Rockwall and take the country road towards Terrell.

Closer and closer I come, with breath taking bolts now landing magnificently in front of me, some evaporating into beads before vanishing from sight. Wow! What magnificence!

Sometimes their dazzling images linger in my eyes, and thunder shakes the car roof.

Finally, about 5 miles from Terrell, I find a nice open spot to pull over and savor the show…

LTNG and Arm-inet

In this photo, the windshield wiper frozen in motion makes for an artistic touch to this lightning capture.

MIddle of ltng

Here I’m virtually surrounded by lightning!

What joy this intercept brings to my heart and soul, and stresses from life circumstances around me dissipate, like thunder rumbling off into the distance.

(C) Stephen Levine, 2016


Jaw Dropping Lightning Captures-March 2016

Before our potent wind and hail storm moved in on the 23rd, I savored 1.5 hours of a most amazing lightning show, capturing some of my most awesome, jaw dropping lightning beauty yet:

IAmazing LTNG-A 3-23-inet

In this photo, you can see the circular mesocyclonic shape of the parent thunderstorm, and an apparent “beavers tail” arcing into it from the north and east.

Amazing LTNG-B-inet

This is captured as the storm draws closer…

Awesome LTNG-D-3-23-16-inetJPG

All photos captured in Dallas, Texas area.