Mystical Lightning- October 22, 2015

This past two weeks have brought our neighborhood an amazing frenzy of rain, busting a nasty drought which had cracked the earth and earned “Extreme” status by the  beginning of October. Last week, 10/22-10-23, our entire three month deficit of rain was erased in just 48 hours, by a precise reloading of what we missed during the summer to early fall time span.

Our weather also entertained me with  mystical skies leaping with electric flashes and bolts:

Mystical Lightning3

The brilliance you see here is night time lightning landing on the other side of my house! It illuminates our entire neighborhood. Notice the glittering raindrops silhouetting against the tree on left!

Mystical Lightning2

Amazing and deeply mystical blue lightning sometimes pulses as well! Something I only rarely see.

Mystical Lightning1

Lightning flares across the night, leaping across sky in massive sheets. Deep rolls of thunder resound.