More Awe-Inspiring Lightning!

I continue to savor an awesome orgy of light and sound. My soul feels deeply nourished and my spirit profoundly inspired.

During the past three days, more magnificent lightning and thunder displays have graced the sky, and I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to watch and capture some of God’s most amazing artwork.


On the evening of May 28th, a line of thunderstorms slowly approach my town, bringing magnificent light and shadow contrasts of anvil lightning and cloud banks.

Mystical Ltng-inet

Deep night mystical sky, as squall clouds rush overhead and sheet lightning pulses behind. Swirling winds and rains swiftly follow.

Ltng Closest-F

This powerful lightning bolt visits my neighborhood , inspiring awe and child-like glee within me. It’s so brilliant, it nearly blanks out my normally tolerant lightning setting on my Canon Rebel camera. Landed within a couple blocks of my patio. May 29th.


More AWE, DELIGHT and GLEE!! This bolt so hot that you can see the ionized air surrounding it!


Even before the current thunderstorm has completely moved on, a brand new one arises with crystal fire lightning and thunder cannonades in the southwest distance. Though it’s deep night and I’ve only had a couple hours of sleep, my spirit reawakens with eager anticipation, glee, delight and awe as it swiftly rolls closer from the southwest.


Celestial fire dances in between the clouds with amazing artistic magnificence, as new thunderstorm draws ever closer!

Copyright 2015, Stephen Eric Levine

Celebrating Utterly Magnificent Skies!

God’s celestial magnificence has been streaking, rolling and darting across our skies here in the Dallas area. My chases have usually ranged from front door to  back door and back – and when leaving the house, not more than a couple miles away.


I captured this amazing lightning bolt during a delicious thunderstorm this afternoon, May 25th.

Anvil Lightning-F1

This beautiful and graceful anvil lightning splayed across our southwestern sky on Saturday night. Wonderful moist sweetness and softness rode the wind upon my face.


Earlier that afternoon, a juicy tropical style thundershower rolled in from the southeast.


Clouds were so low, it seemed I could reach out and almost touch them as they raced in layers across the sky.

I’m feeling so blessed as I celebrate the magnificence of our untamed skies.


Breath Taking Storm Swept Skies Arrive


As wind and sudden chill rush upon me, I gaze with awe into seething and swirling storm clouds rolling close by overhead. My heart fills with childlike glee as I behold this celestial magnificence.

Storm’s heart arrives with equally breath taking lightning which flickers and dances every which way; swirling heavy rains, and crashing/booming thunder. A few luscious bolts visit my neighborhood, leaving pinkish shadows that slither like fading rivers in my eyes.

For a total of four hours, it carries forth, and I take a front row seat on my front patio.  A truly sacred Sunday morning…

Photo taken May 10, 2015; Richardson, Texas.


Lightning Heaven-Pure Magnificence!!!!

Awesome Lightning1-F

On April 26th; I delight to a breath taking and extremely rare show of a four hour lightning dance across our entire sky; spasmodic outbursts slithering and exploding every which way. This is my best capture of the night; a real lucky strike; and perhaps my very best lightning capture yet! In this photo, a discharge on the left reaches towards the right and the explosion on the right follows. If you look closely at the upper right of the photo, you could see the glow of either additional strokes or vaporized air.  This storm hunter is truly in heaven; my heart filling with joy as I behold God’s magnificence!


Here is another joyful capture from April 26th.


On May 7th, I savor a utterly magnificent lightning show; including continuous brilliant flashes; tremendous bolts landing in my neighborhood; booming and crashing thunder and heavy rain, blown by winds gusting to 45 MPH.   As the heart of storm began to press on, frequent lovely discharges danced across the sky. Here is one.


May 7th…


This lightning discharge outlines South America for us!


My heart leaps with joy as delicate branches dart every which way..embracing us with celestial light and fire.

(C) 2015, Stephen Eric Levine