Prayer Delivered: Rare Dallas Snow! Beauty!

Richland Snow1-inet

Yay… Prayers answered! How wonderful it is to see an extremely rare phenomenon here in Dallas! Significant Snow!

On Monday, I felt quite disappointed  when our area just missed 3 inches of snow by only about 30 miles. Were it a weekend, I would have chased it. I truly felt this was our last chance for snow this year.

Today, Mother Nature came back strong and delivered a total of two inches for our area.  Significant snow such as this is exceedingly rare in Dallas. There have only been six occasions since 1999 when at least one inch of snow fell.

How nourishing it is to my soul to experience this today; I had hungered for snow for quite a while.

Richland Snow2-inet

This lovely scene is taken at Richland College,  in the northeast Dallas area.  That’s a peace pole in the foreground.

Richland Snow3-inet

Another beautiful snow scene at Richland College.

Richland Snow4-inet

A Canadian Goose dressed in his element.

I spent hours today walking in the snow, my little child alive and gleeful. It was like magic.

All the snow will probably completely disappear by tomorrow night, so it’s a matter of enjoying it now while it lasts.