Hypnotic Tornado Dancing

Tornado Roping1

This beauty was caught in its final stages near Rice, Texas; October 2010.  I love its reflection upon the rain wet pavement.

On this day, I escorted my wife on an all afternoon chase south of a stationary front which divided high octane air to the south with somewhat turbulent but less feisty air to the north.

After four hours, we struck gold… an amazing tornado intercept; birth to dissipation some 25 minutes later.

It was ranked a strong EF-2 intensity.

More photos of this tornado will be forthcoming.

Exploding Thunderhead-Medicine Lodge, Kansas

Medicine Lodge SuperCell

Just west of Medicine Lodge, KS, a button turned on within a towering cumulus cloud.

Like an unfolding lotus flower, it proceeded to explode towards outer space with magnificent power.

We could see it blatantly blossoming higher and higher, pillars and paper cut edges elevating at amazing speeds.

Within 45 minutes a cumulus cloud topping at around 11, 000 feet above the earth, transformed itself into a tornado producing storm towering around 45,000 feet.

Every May in the Prairies, celestial magic such as this occurs.

Us storm chasers crane our necks and drop our jaws in awe each time this happens.

It never ceases to amaze us.

This was filmed in 1997, during a chase through my tour company Tornado Alley Safari.

Lightning Illuminated Supercell


This mystical photo was taken in 2007, northwest of McKinney, TX during a storm chase.

Despite the graininess, the photo still captures the mystical, powerful, eerie and almost frightening intensity of the cloud system.

It was moving north at 35 MPH, and within 20 minutes after this photo, a tornado warning was called on the storm.