Successful Fall Colors Intercept 11-8-14

Fall 2014a-inet

For the past 18 years, I have hungered to see fall colors in the wilds; their natural habitats, rather than simply in planted trees as it is here in the Dallas area.

So over the past weekend, my wife and I embarked on a Fall Color Chase expedition.

The strategies are both similar to and opposite from regular storm chasing.  Similar because it truly involves estimating the best position in a region to intercept the best peak colors for that date.

Opposite, because of course, regular storm chasing entails getting out of the trees and hills to view our vast open sky.  Peak leaf chasing entails going into the hills and woods to see the colors.

After contacting both Southern Oklahoma and Fayetteville AR Chambers of Commerce, I estimated the area just NW of Mena, AR to have the best possibility.

So, on Saturday, we spent most of the day savoring a most sacred beauty. Following are more catches:

Fall 2014f-inet

Making love with fiery maple leaves – near Mena AR

Fall 2014c-inet

Merging Colors – Queen Wilhelmina State Park, AR


Queen Wilhelmina State Park, AR

Fall 2014g-inet

Along the Talimena National Parkway, OK


Talimena National Park, OK


Amazing Array of Color, Along Talimena National Byway, OK


What a joy it was to see this amazing splashing of colors in the wilds. Captured along the Queen Wilhelmina Park Road, AR

Fall 2014f-inet

Trees look frosted with gold, as Oaks turn color. View looks back on the road we took to get to this point as it cuts across the mountain. Filmed in Talimena National Byway, OK.

Fall 2014d-inet

In this breath taking view, various fall colors pepper the mountain side. Photo taken on Talimena National Byway, OK


7 thoughts on “Successful Fall Colors Intercept 11-8-14”

  1. Although I made the trip with you, I looked at the website and it took my breath away to see how you had put the shots of beauty together. It was a trip to heaven with the splendid color and you my spiritual master at my side the whole way. Thank you for creating the trip and the memories, it smoothed my soul into relaxation and filled my heart with joy,

    1. Thank you for your sweet words and sharing the journey with me, my wonderful wife! 🙂 It was a real joy celebrating this beauty with you!

    2. I’m so very glad that precious memories fill your heart after this trip, Dorothy!
      It truly was a journey into beauty for both of us.

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