Poetic Recount of Night Time Wildness

October 11, 2014 – Wild Thunder Squall Before Dawn:

Tapping on my bedroom window awakens me from slumber. This is what I’ve been waiting for!!

Raindrops and wind call me to get up and take a look!

Out the front door and onto patio I dash.

Trees bow widely before mighty blasts of wind. Raindrops lightly wet the air, as great whooshing sound fills my neighborhood. “FHHH”  sound rises to crescendos with each long gust; dark tree silhouettes bend eerily in ambient light.

Brilliant flashes and pulses of light seize the sky; white, electric blue and once even pink circles. Power flashes. Reminds me of Hurricane Rita’s arrival in Houston.

Huge raindrops suddenly swirl thickly across the world; fuzzing out street lights. Delicious scents of rain- wet earth arise, and I deeply inhale their sweetness into my lungs. More power flashes dance across my southern sky.

Flashes begin echoing in the north sky, and soon above me as lightning makes an appearance.

It looks no different than the power flashes as it flickers in clouds. But now,  thunder responds.

What a wild night in Dallas Texas!

Magnificent Lightning Captures 10-6-14

In addition to the awesome video from last post, I bagged some truly wonderful lightning souvenirs before dawn!


With rain getting on the camera lens, the photo looks a tad blurry. However the effect of multi-cloud layers illuminated from behind by brilliant lightning stands out just the same. Photo looking south.


This mystical shot includes raindrops illuminated by the camera’s flash.



In this photo, lightning blossoms behind thick rain curtain.


Dark clouds rolling in add nice contrast to the frequent flashes.


Sheet lightning frames trees and houses eerily.


Mystical flashes above circular cloudscapes…


This is taken with my cell phone. Though it’s a bit blurry, it still presents a mysterious mood..


This is a still capture from my lightning video. Magnificent!

(C) Stephen Eric Levine.

My Heart Almost Burst with Awe!

Thunderhead Sunset1

Oh my Gosh! I declare to myself as I witness a most majestic scene of sun lowering into a growing bank of thunderheads across the western sky.

Awe beyond words fills my heart.

I must find an open space to film this!

Grabbing my camera, I run as fast as possible for 10 minutes to reach a full western view, and finally arrive for a capture.  Photo taken on September 10th, near Murphy, Texas.

Thunderhead Sunset2

Here is a zoomed in catch.

thunderhead sunset3

Here is a full horizon pan, just after sunset. Awe, beauty and majesty beyond words!

An Hour of Wildness- 10-2-14


Around 4:30 p.m., Blue-tinged darkness of approaching squall line opens up across the northern and western sky. Occasional lightning flashes dance in clouds, while a rogue bolt leaps towards western horizon. Photo taken in Richardson TX.


Wildness approaches, and with definite blue tinges to the sky, plus reports of large hail in the region, I choose to abandon my post for another which offers a  patio to drive in if large hail arrives.  Meantime, adrenaline and thrill fill my heart as I eagerly anticipate the arrival.


Here is a vertical view of approaching squall line. I love the contrasts of light across the cloudscape. Clouds hanging towards horizon probably represent a powerful downburst.


As I drive to my second outpost, strong winds arrive, bending tree branches and scattering leaves into air.  Very dramatic and exciting! In this photo, storm has arrived. Note the funnel shaped cloud at lower left.  It traveled across the southern sky, and again probably represents down burst winds. Occasional potent lightning streaks across the scene.

Sheets of rain and wind swirl through, sometimes rocking my car.


As heart of storm passes off into east sky and rain tapers, new thunderheads at the rear of the complex arise, presenting magnificent contrasts with breaks of clear sky and swirly grays of thunderstorm still overhead.

Meanwhile, off in the east, occasional breath taking lightning bolts dance between earth and sky, their brilliance reflecting off rain wet pavement.


Looking across northern sky, as departing storm leaves a  magnificent  cloudscape behind it.


Further east across my north, new towering cumulus clouds build into the storm, with amazing beauty, like celestial mountains. Fresh, sweet and cool breezes now flow upon me.


This is a wider view of the previous photo. Again, sweeping beauty.